Why do guys just want me for sex?( pic included?

Ok, I have been out of a relationship for about 4 months and am trying to have fun and start dating again. I am finding it very difficult though. Since I dont get out much, I have tried the online dating and it's been horrible, lol. All of the guys want you to come "hang out" at their house after not knowing them for very long at all and I am just NOT comfortable with that. I also have a tendency to attract indian and or middle eastern men who try act like they want to be friends but when they see that I am not just going to sleep with them and actually expect to be taken out etc. contact stops.

I know I am not gorgeous, but I am just wondering why I attract these kind of people, especially online? I have had about one guy who I met who is nice but he is obsessed with my looks only. He says how I am pretty and cute etc. I like male attention, dont get me wrong but it seems like some men get awe struck. I am 28 years old and have only been with 1 man sexually. I don't care much for promisciuity.

It just seems that the people online are aft er one thing only and want me to hang out at their house alone! Help me, lol.



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  • You can actually find any kind of people on online dating, specially people who are desperate including for sex. I'd avise you to try to look for men in real life.

    • Matheus, it just gets so depressing at times because it makes me feel like its something wrong with me and they try to make me feel guilty because I refuse to go over to their house.

    • They probably do it because they feel rejected, don't feel bad about it, it's nor your fault and actually they're not worth your time.

    • Don't let the negative people in your life bring you down. You're worth more than that.

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  • men just want sex most of the time.

    • I know but it's quite annoying when you are looking for a relationship!

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  • Join a large church or volenteer helping disadvantage people. The quality of men are exactly that. They are quality men and not just males who think a dick makes them a man.

    • Thats actually a really good idea! I never thought about that. I guess because I dont really go to church I though I'd be able to find someone of good quality online. Boy I have been in for a surprise.

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