She talks about her boyfriend being a douche bag to me everyday?

I'm seeing a girl right now.
She told me she was in an unhealthy relationship in the very beginning and that they are about to break up.
She did also say I'm the type of guy she was looking for and that we share a lot of common interests that not many people are into.
I can't say much, but it's been about a week since we've been talking everyday and she always mentions about her bad boyfriend at some point of our conversation. We did meet twice in rl though. First at a plaza, and second at her place.

I mean we both kinda agree to stay as friends for now till their relationship is over which is very likely to occur very soon. However when I met her for the 2nd time at her place, I felt she kinda treated me like a friend not a potential one. She was touching my nose, lips, etc .. She was very close to my face at one point, but I really didn't feel any sexual intensity on her facial expression. I felt like as if I'm her very close girl friend. At the same time, she mentioned about her terrible boyfriend and how she wants to be with "other guys", she didn't say it was me.

TBH, I don't really know what her intention of talking trash about her boyfriend is..
I feel like a goddamn emotional tampon. Yet again, she seems very interested in me as she is the one usually text me first. Uh... so confused =_=
If this continues for another week, I'm done with her really..


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  • She's using you for therapy.


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  • You seem to be her plan B and wants to keep her options open.
    I don't think a healthy relationship can start that way, she is deceptive and should not be trusted. I wouldn't be surprised if she had more "friends" like you she can bla bla about her problems.

    • Decided to leave her. Thank you for clearing my minds up :)

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  • I fail to see why she hasn't broken up with him yet. Yeah you seem to be just an emotional punching bag for her I wouldn't put up with it either she dumps the guy and if not refuse to spend time together.

    • She says she feels terrible about breaking up, because she does want to stay with him as a friend, but he told her, he won't ever see her again.

    • That makes zero sense. Why would she want to remain friends with someone that is a douchebag to her? I say you jump ship now and move on; she sounds like she's got issues.

    • I'm highly considering =_=
      just going to give couple more days

  • Oh her boyfriend is so terrible! She is the bitch talking about meeting other guys and messing with you. Good luck bro, if you end up with her you are going to need eyes on the back of your head.


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