How to react to boyfriend getting extremely mad for me adding his ex on Instagram?

This is the ex I'm insecure about and I don't get insecure.
They dated for a year and she broke up with him a day before their anniversary last January after being mean to him.

I met him last April and we hit it off, except I had a boyfriend who was cheating on me- lots of drama. Anyways throughout the summer we got close but still weren't in an exclusive relationship because I was healing from my 4 year break up. He actually told me he took my photos down on his IG because that ex he dated for a year got mad asking if I'm his girlfriend.

Something happened and we stopped talking for a few months, but we just started dating again this Christmas.
I was just curious and a little jealous bcause I know he's going home for leave [ he's in the militar ] and she'll be a city away, bout an hour or so.

So I added her on instagram, requested actually since her profile is private.

My boyfriend got really upset at me saying I'm causing so much unessessary drama and said she basically called and bitched him out. I was really hurt that he even took her side and cared she got mad. He tells me I have nothing to worry abou but I don't know how I should even react. Now he's acting like nothing happened, all in about an hour.


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  • Why did you add her though? He probably just wants her to remain in the past and thinks you're dragging his ex back into the mix.

    • I was insecure and wanted to see what she's about, compare myself. Try to find faults I guess because she seems perfect and like "the one who got away"

    • That ridiculous. Don't do that you shouldn't compare yourself to his ex's he probably doesn't do that with your ex's. Honestly I think adding her was the wrong thing to do and with bad motives.

    • I understand how it can come off as causing drama. After he cooled down, he heard me out and reassured me I have nothing to worry about, especially because he knows she has an ugly personality and is very mean. He also said he wasn't takingn her side, just that he got annoyed when she yelled at him. So I feel better :)

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  • His reaction was understandable.


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  • "Stop acting like a little shit, is not even another guy you should be wary about".

    • Turns out he actually went to see her :/ when he went home for vacation (he doesn't live in my state).
      And thats why he was mad, because she got mad about me. Then today I find out he started talking to his last ex again, adding her on every social media... just two days after he wrongfully accused me of hiding things... I think I'm dealing with a sociopath...

  • You probably shouldn't have added her on the first place , it's not really appropriate

    • I don't know. Maybe it's because I'm younger?
      I do this stuff all the time and my guys ex's or my bf's ex's add me all the time.
      I never had a problem til now.

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