Would you consider moving for something like this?

So this girl and I went to culinary school together. We've been talking ever since (approaching 2 years) and we just now got around to talking about visiting each other. This is a really good relationship however distance is our problem. I live in Colorado and have a full time job with benefits and opportunity to move up and she lives in Texas works two days a week and is struggling to get something full time in Her town. I think it'd be great for us to see each other's towns and really see what's going on because I could see us moving to one of our cities or some place new together if given the opportunity. This could be good for both of us she could move to where I am and hopefully have an easier time finding a job. I don't know what're some thoughts or opinions?


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  • If I could see things working out in the long run (with regards to jobs) I'd move


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