Guys, how can I attract shy, white guys?

I've been through many different types of guys and now I've come to a point in my life where I think I want to date/settle down with kind of a shy, possibly nerdy, white guy. I'm not quite sure what they're attracted to or how to approach or find one. How do I find a guy like this?

Obviously you can't really catogorize people like this. Every person is different. But any tips would be helpful, thanks!

Im just not sure what sort of personality they would like or if a guy like that would even be into me. I'm pretty outgoing and social, fun loving and pretty understanding and patient.


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  • They really like girls that approach them and make a move.

    • Are you being sarcastic or serious? Because I almost approached a guy to ask him on a date while I was at the library today but wasn't sure if that would be too abrupt.

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    • Okay well thank you :) that sounds like a good idea.

    • Thanks for MHO! =)

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  • Hmm speaking from experince we uisually get hurt quite a lot so I would be upfront with them as it helps us relax.

  • What race are you?

  • Study a STEM degree in college


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