Why do guys loose interest after dating?

Im an Indian and arranged marriages are common in our country. I saw a matrimonial ad of a guy a month back in one of the leading newspapers and sent him a Facebook request with a message asking if he's interested in my profile.

We exchanged numbers and he seemed more keen to talk to me and meet me. One fine day we decided to meet up. The meeting lasted more than 3 hours and we both seemed to enjoy in each other's company. During the meeting he asked a lot of questions, seemed interested in my hobbies. Plus, he told me he wants to settle down but not hurry into things. His mom apparently consulted an astrologer who said if he didn't find anyone this year, he wouldn't find anyone in the next 4-5 years.
He asked me if I have reached home safe and even messaged the next day. Clearly he seemed interested. He wanted to meet me soon. So we again met.

Our meeting went good again. Never was there a dull moment. He gave me nice compliments on my likes, asked a lot of small-small questions about me. Made me laugh. Opened up and told me honestly about his life and all. Invited me to come for a get-together with his friends and told me that it's now my turn to visit him in his side of the town.

Now the concern is, he seems to have cut down his messages with me. I have messaged him once or twice to catch up over the phone when he's free. Though it's just been a week since we met up. He even asked me out for a movie but I couldn't make it, as I was at work. He says he is busy, but I see him online and etc.

Okay, I dont know how much it matters, he's an Aquarius. Heard they disappear. Or has he lost interest in me?



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  • Yooooooo n I don't know if he's Mr Right 👉 but don't text him again n again bc it looks creepy n yes he might lose interest in you bc India is full of jerks 😜 lol 😁 and I might be a jerk for someone 😜 by the way where do you both live? And do he likes you back as same as you?


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  • I feel like I'm not culturally equipped to deal with this question. I'm trying to convince someone not to honour kill his friend's wife for not being a virgin upon the marriage. I'm not really culturally equipped for that one either. Anyway, good luck.


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  • He had lost interest with you or he should not like your habait while you meeting.


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