I can't stop calling my ex?

I miss her so much and i called her, told her boyfriend things he didn't know, now they aren't together. But i KEEP doing this. When will it stop. Its fun to me it seems.. She made my life hell, now im making hers. People aren't aloud to cause destruction, and then leave without consequences. She doesn't deserve happiness, and HE deserves better. I'm not gonna sit and be the used and abused that was never looked at. I"m a human being.
I called her and told her boyfriend she's a liar and a cheater. She has lied to him so many times, and keeps secrets that i know about. She cheated on me, and left me in the dust. But i feel bad for doing that. I just felt like she doesn't deserve him, and should be punished. I miss who i thought she was, but i feel bad for it.


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  • But do you really wanna be just like her and make other's life a living hell? Be better than her and don't stoop to that level. Move on and find someone better and that's the best revenge and justice served is being with someone is is better and makes you happy. Then she sees how happy you are. Let her be. I know how hurt you feel after a break up. I know you get to a place of anger, but it won't solve nothing it's just making you bitter. Let these people find it who she is on their own. If she'd the terrible and horrible the truth will always come out. But by you trying to ruin her life it only makes you look like a bad person and clingy. That you can't get over her. So just delete her number, erase her, and move on.

    I know that easier said than done. Trust me. I am going through a break up. I am still in love and we didn't have a bad break up... Just I set too high of expectation for him to meet and it hurt us in the end and he fell out of love due to some of that. Sure I want to call him, text him, talk to him, tell the other girls to stay away from him and ruin their chances... But I want to be the bigger person. He wasn't always perfect and he did some shitty things to me. But I also realize that the best thing I can do is focus on me and try to move on with my life. If he later realizes he wants me back I will deal with it then... But for me the best thing is to show him I am happy and having fun n look at what he gave up n ruined.

    • I've done this and its funny because she used to be the clingy one who always begged for ME. Now im begging. Is this normal? I hate this feeling and it needs to go away.. She cheated on both of us.

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    • She already knows im dying without her. She told me on the phone when i called her, she said "Just because your not happy doesn't mean you can make my life hell." But she was lying to her boyfriend. I called her because i was drunk and i missed her. When i called, he was there and he wanted some answers, so i gave it to him. Truthfully. Thats it. didn't mean to make her life hell. All i did was tell the truth. I didn't call to do that to her, and i didn't call to break them up. I just wanted to talk to her. Now she hates me. Never thought it could go from her begging, wanting me. To me being clingy, sad, and a pathetic loser. She was my first love and i hate it.

    • First loves are the worst and the hardest. getting over someone is like a drug. You're a drug addict. The first day you are like yea I am good, I will be fine, I can do this! And then as time goes on and more days pass you start to breakdown and want them and feel you need them. But as more times passes both us will be stronger. I haven't spoken to mine in three days and let me tell you it is hell for me. I want to talk to him, but mine unlike yours is off out having fun with his friends and doing car stuff. We aren't on bad terms. But it sucks to see him not thinking about me. Going out. But he's only been the type to sweep things under a rug. Just keep doing you and maybe at some point when the pain isn't there you see here in passing and apologize. And just be like I was in a bad place and I am sorry for what happened. I was drinking and said some stuff I wish I could have taken back. She will be less angry with time. we will both be fine. Get a hobby focus it on something.

  • grow up dude. I know it's tough, but holding on to all of this anger for her is doing you more harm than you're trying to inflict on her. move on with your life.

    • I broke up their relationship at least. She doesn't deserve to go home to someone. she's a bitch.

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    • im honestly a really good guy. But its not fair to watch a bad person be happy. I've never had to deal with something like this, and she just doesn't deserve being with someone she cheats, and lies to. I saved his life. Your right, and im sorry.

    • no need to apologize to me. I'm sure you're a very good guy, but just know that it isn't your responsibility to put people in their place where you see fit. karma has a way of getting back at people. just let things be in the future. it will be much less stressful for you.

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