How rare is my relationship with such combination?

My relationship is:

-Asian man with White woman (I am fully Asian while she is mainly British American with German American and Dutch American descent);

-Younger man with elder woman (I am turning into 21 while she is already 22 which means she is around 1.5 years elder than me);

-Shorter man with taller woman (I am nearly 5'1" while she is a little higher than 6').

I know it is not common to see an Asian man with a White woman, so I thought I was entirely mentally prepared. But I am feeling a little bit annoyed these days when we got others' notice, although it did not actually increase.

How exactly rare is my relationship?
By the way, it is also a relationship involving a fairly-above-average man with a quite-attractive woman.


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  • I would say your relationship (where I'm from) is 98% normal. the only thing that might make people look twice is your height difference. your age difference is essentially nonexistent, and people don't look twice at interracial relationships.

    • Do you see a lot of Asian man-White woman relationships in your area? I do not see a lot in New England, but quite a lot of White man-Asian woman relationships.
      And do you think this height difference is very noticeable? Personally I think it is fairly OK, but sometimes it can be embarrassing, especially when we take photos of we hug or kiss, but I do not know others feel.

    • I live in NJ, and see an array of mixed race relationships, and I see them all as much as I see others. onbiouly mixed race relationships are far from the majority but they happen. I don't specifically see tons of AM/WW relationships. usually white guy Asian girl for that combo. but lots of white guy/black girl or latin/black, white/latin, etc. so it just depends. as long as you and your woman are happy then just go with your flow! life's too short to worry about what others think. I'm currently dating a 38 y/o white man. that's pretty unusual too.

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  • not rare at all..
    you see interracial couples all the time...
    just be happy and enjoy each other. don't worry about how "rare" it is..
    focus on how great it is.

    • I do not see a lot of Asian man-White woman relationships in New England actually.
      I do not know whether they are saying, and if they are saying something, what it is.
      Sometimes I also feel sort of embarrassed because when we hug or kiss, I have to raise head for a bit while she has to lower her head. I feel even stranger if we took selfies or our hug or kiss and when I look at those selfies.
      I have no doubt that I love her, just a little bit annoyed by this reality. :( :(

    • o... im in the US so its pretty common here...
      who care is they say stuff. as long as you guys are happy thats all that matters :D

  • The height is probably the only rare thing about your relationship. I don't know many women who are taller than 6 feet or men who are as short as you. That's probably the main reason people stare.

    • Is it also because I am just fairly-above-average man but she is quite-attractive?

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    • If set 5 as average on a 0-10 scale, I am like 7 but she is like 8.5 or 9.

    • I don't know, I don't think that matters much. You see less attractive guys with more attractive girls all the time. Plus, I've discovered that if you really like your partner, you tend to think they're more attractive than you even when they may not be. Whenever I see my boyfriend and I in the mirror, I always think he's more attractive, but he says he thinks the opposite.

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  • The height one I would notice because it is most visible - I would be surprised by how tall she was not height difference.
    21/22 hardly qualifies her as a cougar.
    Interracial depends where you are as someone else said in the likes of SF it would be fairly normal.

    • I do not see a lot of Asian man-White woman relationship in New England, but there are quite a bit of the way around.

    • And is it because I am fairly-above-average but she is quite-attractive?

  • For what it's worth, you have a pretty famous precedent in Bruce and Linda Lee. All the same, your combination does strike me as a little more rare than the reverse, though I do see it once in a while. My old friend and classmate, for example, is involved with a white woman (he's Vietnamese) and a few years ago, so was his younger brother. And amusingly enough, I'm part of a seemingly unusual combination myself. You see plenty of black men with white women, but not so many white men with black women. Nevertheless, people at large have been quite cool with what we represent. To the extent that people notice the combo at all, most seem to find it refreshing. Like the others, I tend to think people notice your height difference more than your racial combination.

  • How shit thats rare lol in SF bay area I see tons of White guy-Asian girl couples, but not the other way around. I don't know why.


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