She keeps ignoring me and I wanted to move on, I'm getting tired of being ignored. Should I remove her on any social medias I'd followed her?


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  • Ehh that's kind of childish.
    Just do you. Go out enjoy yourself. Hangout with friends maybe post some of the things you do. But don't contact her she will come back

    • Haha, perhaps. It's just weird that she acted interested and she said she will call then after 4 days I texted her and ignoring me. Until now didn't receive any message, and I current sent her message but she keeps ignoring it's weird...

    • Women are weird! Lol just have to play her game make her see you hcan have plenty of fun without her

    • Haha was that thing work? :D I'm pissed a bit. Ignored by her really makes me upset..

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  • I had a crush that ignored that I had to see 3 times a week. It was very tough. It only became better when I took a long vacation. So If you feel you should do that go ahead. Just don't contact her as well.


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  • yup bro... do u like being ignored? if not... block her :D


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