Does that sound like a good idea?

My boyfriend moved for a better job offer I will be moving with him once I save up more money. Well the other day was his birthday. He turned 28 and his mom and all the women in his family did a conference call like a 4 way kinda deal to wish him a happy birthday. His mom has my number and she never included me in it how own girlfriend. I feel a certain type of way about that like why wasn't I included in this. I would really have liked to be. I told my boyfriend that and he told me well next time you talk to my mom just nicely bring it up to her saying you think it would be cool if you could be included in the next conference call or whatever to him. Do you guys think that sounds like a good idea?


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  • Wait... are you the same person I was talking about the facebook post issue this week?

    • Umm nope...

    • I was just thinking the same. She's already posted at least 4 questions about her bf's mom... At least this time she sounds less aggressive and doesn't use the word "crazy" in referral to the mom :-)

    • Well, then, you aren't the only one with a 28 year old boyfriend who recently moved, with questions about his mother's behavior! If this mother is more reasonable than the other woman I spoke with on here, then yes, it's a good idea to just mention to her that you'd like to be included if possible. Good luck!

  • Yes, do talk to her.


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