Really attracted to this girl but really shouldn't be but still want it badly?

she works at this cheesy burger place near where i work , i first meet her last summer then she went back off to college and i didn't see her again till today when i went in there at lunch and was surprised to see her back at work there. she allready has a boyfriend and is a fair bit younger than me so not really sure if this has any potential at all. i also have meet some of the girls she is friends with at local bars so know some of the same people around town.
this girl is insanely attractive , blonde , fit , thin , nice body and personality , works out at gym and was into gymnastics for a long while. she also a desent girl and only dated one guy i know of the guy she's currently dating. she's just all that and more and i'm totally into her but just not sure if there is any potential here and maybe she is satisfied with her current relationship even though she hasn't really seen what else is out there and all the other guys who would also enjoy dating her. i'm so frustrated at this being that i'm so into her and can't do anything about it , other than go there at lunch and check her out which makes me just want her more


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  • 1. Forget about her and find someone else (probably the best option)
    2. Tell her how you feel.
    3. Avoiding her as much as possible ( stop going to lunch there

    • well I don't go there for lunch that often maybe once every 2 weeks its not a place I go to a lot but I have been there enough to have seen her a few times last couple years. I hadn't really though about her much until I saw her in person again and saw how good looking she was again this year , even better looking than last year , she also just turned age to go to bars here so might see her there as another possibility. but she'd likely just be going out with gf's and not trying to meet anyone

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  • Stop going there.


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