The Exclusive Dating Talk... Signs A Guy Wants It? Who Should Bring it Up?

I want to know if there are any signs or signals a guy gives to a girl they are dating on whether they are ready to have "the talk" to move things from casual dating to exclusive?

Is this something the guy brings up usually? or do you leave it to the girl you are seeing?

I have been seeing this guy for about 2 1/2 months. We just spent the weekend together... which is a big step (I think). He even gave me his spare set of house keys! Planned a romantic evening of fine dining and dancing... and then the next day we strolled around markets and cafes... cooking dinner together... and doing some real quality domestic bonding.

During the course of the weekend he said that "he has never done THIS so early." I asked what... and he just smiled. He also went on to say that he is a bit insecure about what he could offer a woman long term given his life changes (recently started his own business). I eased his telling him he would offer more - and gave examples why. He smiled and looked really grateful.

Then during sex he mentioned to me that as much as he would LOVE not to use condoms... we would have to have "a talk" first.

However, during sex he said that he hadn't slept with anyone else during our time apart (it's an LD thing)... and that it was all mine. Hmmm...

Over the course of the weekend he mentioned to me that he was looking to settle down... and for the past 2 years it was something he was really looking for. He really wanted just one person to start a life with. Wow.

At the end of our weekend together (and it was intimate - full of nuzzling, and cuddling, hand-holding, caressing... not always leading to sex). .. he said to me ... "you are a sexy, charming, beautiful and accomplished woman. What more could a man want?" I smiled and blushed... was this a sign I should have initiated the "talk"? Did I miss my window?

I should also mention we have been best friends for 11 years


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  • ..and a year later someone answers.. lol

    From his actions it sounds like he's already chosen to date you exclusively. Sometimes guys can be complete morons and miss something. It might prod him if you were to simply tell him that your not interested in dating anyone else. Then let him take the lead and see where it goes.


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