How to ask a close female friend out?

I have this close female friend who we confide in each other on personal stuff. Been good friends for two years now or so. She currently has a boyfriend but she is not that serious about him even though he loves her. She recently told me she is thinking of moving closer to where I live. I'm thinking of asking her out on a date if they go their separate ways. We are just friends, but she did say that she's glad we became friends and admitted feeling an emotional closeness. Plus I'm not the typical guy, I can be just friends with girls because I have self control. Little to no sexual urge, even though I do have mild feelings for most of them from time to time.

How do I express interest in asking her out? I'm not expecting it to evolve towards lovers but want to have fun and stuff. No need to get physical either. Should I inform her now or later? What should I say



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  • yeah i agree wait till she has no boyfriend or maybe say one day that you like her but respect her relationship and love being her friend, then she knows you like her so she will be aware of the option.

    • I do respect her relationship, yet at the same time I compliment her for some of her qualities such as honesty in a good friend way. We are in frequent contact, she told me she's glad to have gotten close with me.

What Guys Said 1

  • w8... better w8 1st...

    she's still with boyfriend... consider askin her out AFTER breakin up with him... chances r she wll do it coz she doesn't think seriously bout him as u said :-)

    • Thanks, we are close friends so we just keep in touch via text almost everyday. When the opportunity rises, I'm straight in, lol!

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