Do you have an ideal way you'd like to meet a guy or girl?

Do you have a specific type of place you'd like to meet them? Are there places that you are more closed minded about meeting someone?


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  • at a book store would be ideal :] but that's just so... silly lol.

    • Never thought of a bookstore to meet someone lol

    • yeah... lol. I don't know. i always thought it would be so... romantic. but now i think it's dumb as hell.

    • Thanks cute and sweet 😊

Most Helpful Guy

  • Not at all for me. In real life, people can meet up with a potential partner ANYWHERE!

    Just gotta keep our eyes open!

    • True some people are closed minded at specific places though. Like the gym

    • Well, DURING the workout is a bad time because people are extremely focused and have "tunnel vision" in the gym (like me).

      But AFTER the workout itself... i don't see that as a bad thing.

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  • at a pizza restaurant... yay ;-)


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