First date down. Now how to go about the second date?

So a week ago, I went out with a former co-worker to see a concert (experimental indie rock) her friends were performing in. They were playing at an hole in the wall cafe, near an university. Anyway, we might've gotten there a bit too early (her friends said they'd perform at 8:30) and ordered some food while we waited. Now, she requested that we get a table near the small stage and the amps surrounding the stage looked intimidating. About an hour in, conversing about work and other topics, a band got up on stage, screamed their lungs out, ripped their guitars, and ended.

I was beside myself on whether or not to clap for their performance. My ears were still ringing when they started back up again. This went on for three whole hours until 11PM. I asked her if that was it for the night and she said that was only the opening act. What have I gotten myself into? I drove there so I couldn't drink (she was underage and without a drivers license) and her friends hadn't arrived yet so I didn't want to end the night. Then some random drunk couple started this bad interpretive dance, their butts practically twerking right in front of our table, in front of the stage. I was almost completely done with the date.

Finally, her friends got up on stage and started playing. For the most part, I liked it but it was getting late (1AM) and I told her we had to leave during their third song.

SO, I was thinking of inviting her to an activity that I liked; go-karting and various other activities. But the thing is, non-professional racers only get about 8 minutes on the track and then it's over. I never liked that the place charged 20 bucks for eight minutes but its the only place close that has go-karting. Anyway, there's that and I was planning on a boardwalk/dinner afterwards. The first date by her version took 5 hours so I guess I want mine to take just as long in my own element.

Sorry for the long post. Some feedback and suggestions would be great.
Thanks for posting.


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  • I think it would be fun, yeah the go karts would only be 8 minutes, but while you;re waiting you could talk and get to know her better. and I'm sure she'll like going on the boardwalk/ dinner.

    • I couldn't mention this in the post (word-count was climbing) but what does it mean if she talks more than I did that night, smiles when I agree, and such? It should be obvious but I wanted to ask. I had to pick up my phone a few times and reply during the night while she only took pictures/videos with her phone. She glanced over a few times while I did it. How would you conclude the date went?

    • I think the date definitely went well lol specially if she seemed really engaged in the conversation

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