Not sure whether she wants to date me or not?

So I asked this girl out who I'm friends with... We watch shows/movies over Skype often since its the summer and we're away from uni and I thought she liked me so I asked her to hangout. She said maybe atfer taking a while to respond, then asked if it was just us and I said just us and she said okay. I had to cancel though and reschedule for next week, and when I asked her again the next week she took a while to respond again and said okay again... I'm just not sure she really likes me because she's probably too nice to say no, so what should I do? Thanks for the help :)


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  • hmm i would say she just thinks of you as a good friend, but doesn't want to say no because she wants to be nice. I mean, who knows, it may work out in the end, but I think that when a girl likes a guy, they are usually pretty enthusiastic if he asks her out on a date.


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