The date didn't end too well.. should I be worried?

So at the end where we usually hug and kisS, he just kinda gave me a half hug, he didn't take off his glasses which he does when we're about to kiss. I joked and asked if he was friendzoning me, he gave me a better hug but still the glasses were on. I was a bit closed off whilst we watched some films (not intentionally, I have my awkward tendencies), so I think this might have something to do with it. Plus I do this thing where I talk after we kiss and I did this tonight, he said he found it annoying because it kills the mood.

When we met up a couple days ago I started to come out of my shell and before we said our goodbyes I jumped him unexpectedly. I have no idea how I managed this, I thought I'd never be able to initiate a kiss like that.. Even he was shocked by my actions that day. I've clearly gone back to my own ways and today it just didn't not happen like this.

So as my title says. Do you think I should be worried? Should I talk to him about it?


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  • Sounds like he's moving on.


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  • welcome to the friend zone sweetie. but talk to him you might be able to pull yourself out of it but i doubt it good luck.


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