Guy I am Interested In Messaged me, what should I reply? Help don't want to look too keen but don't want him to think not interested?

So This Guy and I have feelings for one another this I know, but he's quite insecure, and has trouble expressing his emotions, and how he feels, scared of rejection, we hadn't spoken since last Sunday, I was giving him space, I wanted him to think about things, and maybe give him time cause he said he was confused about his feelings, tonight I got a message on my whatsapp, nice picture sweet girl, how should I reply too it, I don;t want to look too keen, but dont want to look like I couldn;t care less, so what should I reply with... I am still interested bear this in mind!

Also he is long distance from me but that doesn't matter to me, we have known each other since October of last year, we
spoke for up to 5 hours a night everynight skyped and messaged, the first i did actually meet him in person, but then when i went home, we did the skyping the texting and phoning, I know we have something strong or we could forget each other, and we would have moved on, the misunderstanding we had we;re beginning of February he didn't message me till the end of February , he lashed out at one point after misunderstand said he wanted space, cause I admit i was texting him trying to explain things to him, ever since i came back, but then after he said give me space, I didn't message him once afterwards and it was him who reached out to me, after 2 weeks of me staying silent.


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  • He sent you "nice picture sweet girl"?

    • No I have a picture on my profile in whatsapp, and he can only see it as i am in his phone contacts, and i am on whatsapp also, he said about my pic. Nice picture sweet girl

    • just ask something generic like how are you or something like that, but do not wait too long as some guys really dislike that. Especially with whatsapp because the other person can see when you read it

What Girls Said 1

  • Start a random conversation.


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