Can't organize what to say to her, help?

uhh I'm trying to explain why I tried to walk away from her.
I can't really organize my thoughts well cuz there are so many reasons.
Here are the reasons in bulletproof. Please help me D:

- I like her but I thought I wasn't good enough for her.
- She's talkative but I think I;m really boring
- We kinda agree to stay as friends for now, but I had hard time keeping that way
- When she touched my face and was very close, I was unable to think of her as a friend.
- I wasn't sure if she is interested in me or not, because it felt like she treated me like a very close friend. When she touched me while being very close, I couln't really see the sexual intensity on her facial expresssion.
- I was afriad of developing a false hope, so decided to walk away.
- I kinda got jealous of her talking about her boyfriend, although she said only negatives about him and was about to break up.


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What Girls Said 1

  • You summed it up perfectly. "I'm sorry I walked away from you but the truth is that I find you very attractive. We agreed to stay friends, but my feelings keep getting in the way especially when some of the things you do--like touch my face--makes me fall for you even more.

    Due to these feelings, I don't like being around you when you're with your boyfriend. I get jealous. I also think that you'd find me boring and I'm afraid of developing a false sense of hope that maybe we'd get together someday. Even if we did, I would still feel that I'm not good enough for you."


What Guys Said 1

  • Dude calm down really think from her point view, if you think you were her, why she does this or say, there must logic to her do that, if you don't understand the logic start asking. Right now you being self center, not really seeing the whole picture n the logic


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