How do you date and to get a boyfriend?

I have no idea what to do, I just started dating but the majority want sex first, but then i hear no men respect you after they get what they want or want you to be a girlfriend. So how does one get a boyfriend? I mean I guess you wait, but I feel my skills talking to the opposite sex are waning in the weight so Im getting on ok cupid and all the apps.

Is it like i guess id just do all the sex stuff and hope they come back? that sounds emotionally exausting. And to multiple dates... and then people call you a slut? The guys in my circle of friends tend to be nerdy and unkept because of the nature of my major...

I really dont unerstand, talking to guy on tinder, lots of laughs and then he's like "im naked" and I'm like "... ok;/"
and then i meet another guy and were talking about minimum wage and living expenses at his appartmenet and then he's like on me trying to kiss and I'm like "... ok..." lol

I just feel like im more turned on by more i guess, honestly i feel like i can only date so much its confusing :/ and how fast these guys all ages, try to get in my pants throws me off... its like I didn't even finish a thought yet?;/.



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  • Be honest and upfront with what you want in the beginning.


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  • Simple: Wait until you're ready. If you're with the right guy, he'll want more than just sex from you.


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