I'm texting a guy that I met on a dating site. He seems nice.

if you met a guy on a dating site can things work as in develop into a relationship


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  • i met a guy thru a chat room, and we've been official girlfriend and boyfriend for almost 4 months and we talk on the phone everyday, and it first started we were texting like constantly for 2 weeks then he asked to finally call each other and here we are happy and in love :]


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  • I don't see why not. My cousin married a man who she met through a dating site.

    • Really ho willl I know if he likes me and not for fun

    • I'm afraid that I don't have much experience in this area. Someone you meet over the net can falsify their identities more easily than a normal situation.

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  • If you play your cards right, of course! And don’t give it up too quick, if he's only looking for fun, he won't stick around for too long. That’s how you can find out!

    • Any tips what I should do to keep him around I'm not for de one to give it up to quick