Am I doing something wrong to these girls?

So i am 6'2, tan, shiny hair, soft smooth skin with muscles and my female/male friends tell me i am good person and that i am good looking , but iam not quite sure what i do wrong with these girl i am nice to them and a gentleman not a pushover but i respect them here are some of the things that happened to me , through work i met this girl she seemed genuine , nice and cute we hit it off immedaitly and started talking and hanging out it was really fun and i enjoyed it i never forced her to do anything against her well , but some ungratful bastards decided to ruin it for me , i've mentioned not so nice things before i knew her and they decided to tell her what i said needles to say she wasn't very happy and ended it with me , i apologized too many times and done everything in my power to help her and make her happy i talked to her several times and done a lot of things for her i easily made up for anything i ever done to her and she wasn't very nice to me either so its not exactly my fault only , anyway she started acting bitchy and always having excuses and shit i was like thats it and now i barely talk to her , then i met this girl through a friend she is very pretty and seemd nice we talked for a while she enjoyed the converstaion and laughed a lot i told her stuff about me and she told me things about her , i added her and we chatted for few days , her friend said that she really liked me , then bam a week later she just asked that i stop messaging her because she is afaird her ex will talk to other girls if i do i was like dafuq? thats not my problem i like you for you i dont care about your ex and he's your ex so why listen to him? i decided to just leave her alone if she's going to cause problems for me so I don't know now , all my friends seem really lucky they have their eyes on a girl and they get that girl but iam jus so unlucky , what should i do am i doing anything wrong to these girls?


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  • No your not doing anything wrong to these girls. You seem to pick girls that aren't suited for you. You sound very much like a gentleman. Just be yourself you will find the right girl soon enough.

    • As much as i want to believe that i can't life has proved it more than once to me , no matter how much i try or how succesful i imagine myself to be i just dont seem to get lucky with girls all of them are taken to start with ( yes i've tried a lot and asked about a lot of girls and they're always taken ) anything i do doesn't seem enough guys with half of what i half get lucky because they have luck i dont.

    • I know my friends and I would fight over a man like you. Just think positive even though it's hard to.

    • thank you i guess all i can do is hope for things to get better since i can't do anything else at this point this is my full potential at this time of my life maybe later i will have more to offer but now i dont.

  • "but some ungratful bastards decided to ruin it for me , i've mentioned not so nice things before i knew her and they decided to tell her what i said"
    - Be careful what you say, because it will ALWAYS come back to bite you in the ass eventually. Remember that once you've said something, you can't just take it back.
    No, It doesn't seem like you are doing anything WRONG, and about the last girl? She is pathetic and not over her ex and you don't need that kind of thing anyway.

    My advice: Focus on you, people are attracted to people who value themselves, not egotistical or arrogant people, but people who are beautiful and just themselves and you'll find a girl who likes you for you and hopefully who you like for her.

    • i did do some mistakes the first time iam not lying or denying it but i thought i fixed it , but everytime she keeps reminding me of the things i did or said even though i made sure to make her know how much i like and value her , the second girl is pathetic yeah i dont need that kind of drama i hope it works out eventually.

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