Should I double text? Or wait?

So I texted him a few hours ago and we were just talking generally. We were talking about maybe hanging out and the last message I sent said let me know if you want to do something later :)
Well where I live it's getting dark now. Normally I wouldn't double text but 1. Maybe he forgot about letting me know? and 2. I don't want it to look like I'm waiting around for him to message me- even though I don't have other plans anyway lol.
Should I wait a bit or not message at all

or if I should message him what should I say?
Weve known each other for a while so it's not like we just met. But yeah. Thanks :)


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  • I am a guy and if I forget to text back I feel so bad I dont think it would hurt to double text and besides i just shows that you are really interested haha :) dont over think things and just fallow your heart if your heart says text him agian because you really want to hang out do it. Just say something like hey I wasn't sure if you got my text earlier but I was wandering if you wanted to hang out! And if he doesn't text back then he probably jut fell asleep :) I hope this helps and I hope you have a good night! by the way Personally if I missed out on an opportunity to hang out with someone special I would be sad so double checking that I got a message incase I missed it would be awesome xD but thats my opinion ^_^

    • Yeah I'm trying to overcome the whole overthinking thing haha
      He hadn't 'read' the other message but it was delivered
      But I just messaged and asked how his day was so I guess I'll see
      I just feel lame because I'll be staying in just chilling at home otherwise haha, but not for the reason that I'm waiting for him

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    • I took it upon myself and just replied something casual so all good
      I usually just message someone if I want to and don't think about it- but my friends have all these rules like don't double text, wait before replying etc lol- not into it
      You seem really nice, thanks for taking a few minutes out of your life to answer my silly fiest world problem question haha :)

    • hahahaha it is no problem at all ^_^ I enjoyed talking to yah if you want you can message me I'm a great talker and listener :P plus I love double texts :O

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  • If he's interested and want to hang out, he won't forget to call :)
    Even if you don't have other plans, pick up a nice book, watch a GOT episode or something, plan a nice evening at home. Plans don't always have to involve other people.

    The best way not to look like you're waiting around for him to message you is not to wait around, literally!

    So my opinion is, don't double text. Wait until he texts you, the ball is in his court now. If he really does want to hang out, he will make it his priority and he will text. If he has something else and just forgot to let you know (it happens sometimes), at least you have your evening planned, and you won't be disappointed.

    • That is true
      I do have things to do at home so I should probably detach myself from my phone haha, may help
      I am behind on got episodes :)

    • Hahaha yep, don't feel bad for not having plans.
      If it's the beginning of the flirting/dating phase, try not to think about him too much or overthink things. That's the mistake I usually make and I end up obsessing about the whole thing. And it kind of takes the fun out of it. :P

    • Easier said than done lol but I'm glad I'm not the only one

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  • No, he didn't "just forget about letting you know". If he really wanted to do something with you later, he would have said so. However, it's perfectly acceptable to text him if you want to chat with him, something like a "Hey, what's up?" or "What do you think about this funny gif/meme/video I found?".

    • I like that actually :)
      Kind of says that I don't really mind if I saw him or not
      Bit offended that he hasn't replied though, even if he did end up being busy

  • yeah I saw ur comments also, so u sent him a message again, and how's everything going on now?

    • It's all good
      I'm still getting used to being single and liking someone new lol but I think in general I need to relax more
      He said he'll message me later when he's free later

    • yeah, I think you should also wait and see.. just be relax and be cool isn't it?

    • Yeah I think I go through stages of overthinking and later am just like eh it's no big deal
      At least I can notice it though so will only get better :)

  • Don't be desperate 😂

    • Asking for opinions of whether I should text a guy or not since I haven't been single for years is desperate? Yeah okay then...
      If that's the case I'd rather have a stranger think I'm desperate than be a sour bitch like you clearly are. why even bother commenting at all?

    • If he likes you he will text that's all. Unless you want to the chasing while he does nothing. Don't ask if you can't take an opinion. You took it to heart but I was being funny hence the face. Oh dear

  • I think you should wait

  • I personally don't see the problem with double texting to hang out. It's obvious you're not doing anything already, you told him that earlier. But I would never double text if he constantly doesn't respond.


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