What the Hell was she thinking?

So, I was talking to this girl since January. At first she told me she liked me, but that since she wasn't ready for a relationship(she was going through a divorce). So anyway, I told her that we should continue talking and If a few months she feels the same that we should just be friends, but If she feels differently and is ready for a relationship that we should hook up. She agreed and we kept on talking.

Throughout the process, though, I noticed that she started losing interest in me. This was evident by her not calling me like she used to and other factors, so anyway, I was under the impression that she would tell me the day she stopped losing interest in me and when she didn't it confused me because I took her as a straight up honest person.

I mean, this is a women who is 31 years old with three kids, so I don't think she has time to play games. Anyway, so I decided to take the initiative and call and ask her that If she felt for some reason that she couldn't date me that she should tell me. This was the perfect opportunity for her to tell me If she stopped liking me, but she didn't tell me anything, so I assumed that the reason we weren't dating was cause she still wasn't ready for a relationship.

The next day, me, her and two of our other friends go to lunch together and out of the blue, she blurts out that she doesn't date young guys and she says it to a friend of ours, while I'm in the same table(remember I'm 26 and she's 31). I was thinking to myself, "Well, why didn't she tell me this before" so I asked her that on the phone later on and she said "Well, what does it matter as long as I told you" and I told her that it was the way she said it and she stayed shut. I mean, she seems like a logical, sensible person, so why the hell didn't she just tell me this day the day before and instead blurt it out, no less in front of me but to a different person the day after we were on the phone?

I mean, how insensitive can one person be!


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  • You just answered your own? She didn't tell you because she 's not logical , and she seems far from sensible. She is insensitive , but rather you find this out now then have to deal with this later. It just goes to show that age has nothing to do with the growth of our minds. Some people never get it. You found one


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