So I kinda took a pass on this girl last summer now she's got smoking hot?

i meet her last year as she was friends with some other girls i had meet at the local pub , i guess she sort of got overlooked and i never really made a move on her or anything. noticed her back this summer and she's gone from like a 7/10 to a 9/10 and i'm not going to lie i noticed her that night a lot more than i had before.
but now i'm thinking she's going to be annoyed as i picked up she was interested in me last year and i never did anything about it , now she's better looking and if i go after her now its just going to be cause of that unless she's like so into me she doesn't care thats why


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  • just try. you never know. it could go either way.

    • I do feel it could go either way and may or may not lead somewhere. but also likely to be more male competition for her than there was last year

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  • uhhhhhh better avoid her bro... she'll realise dat u care bout her looks n only 8)


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  • She will be annoyed. I've been there.

  • shallow much?

  • I would be annoyed and take a pass on you.

    • And you say she was 7/10. You are really really shallow if that is not enough for you.

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    • I know exactly how she feels. That all the guys are more interested in my pretty blond friends and never see me even though I have an obvious crush. While being the only single.

      I would tell you to fuck off and then get some hotter guy. You are shallow and don't deserve any of these girls.

    • yeah I agree I think she is going to pick up some hot guy at the bar in front of me and let me see what I have been missing out on.

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