~Fear of Love~ ?

Hey guys :) I need advice, I'm a bit confused. So a few months ago I was in love with this guy and I felt almost sure that he was in love with me too. But he is quite complicated and gets mad easily but he was never mad at me, however he did have problems with himself. He was very insecure and tried to act like he wasn't so he could be a jerk. Anyway, I really thought he liked me but he hurt me because he went away and never contacted me. I didn't speak to him for about four months. Last week I talked to him again through text and he seemed very interested and he was being very sweet. He asked if I wanted to hang out and I agreed. we didn't decide on a date amd I haven't contacted him since. I was happy and felt in love again when I texted him, I actually hadn't gotten over him, and i thought maybe he cares about me after all. But now I am a bit nervous and scared.. I want to hang out with him but I have never hd a boyfriend before and I don't know how to tell my mum that I am going over to him. Also, I like thinking about a relationship with him but now that we are actually getting a step closer I get this scared feeling and I don't know what I should do.. can anyone help me with these things?


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  • w8 how old r u... is yer mom ok with startin ANY relationship? wot do u believe? :-)

    • I am 16. I think she might be okay with it but it will get awkward and I am a bit nervous about it haha

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  • Fear of love is so stupid, annoying, and chore like to deal with. Get over it and stop being all dramatic. No one wants to deal with that ish!

    • Easy to say haha but the whole point of asking this question is to know why I feel scared and what I should do about it

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  • He likes you so don't be nervous just relax!!

    • Thanks :) is it normal to be nervous though?

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