Ladies please help?

Hello ladies.
I just need some opinions
I go to the clubs with my guys friends and they always go home with a girl at the end and I just
Want to be able to do that too I will talk to women
But nothing happens am I attractive?
Or am I ugly?
I have a low self esteem but I have to know the truth?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Maybe you aren't the type to "hit it 'n quit it" after one night? I don't go to clubs or bars, that's not where I meet men. But based on some friends that go to clubs/bars:

    If you want to sleep with a lot of women instead, you're going to have to "peacock" yourself. Don't be rude or cocky, but be very confident. I wouldn't go straight to a sexual thing (although some sexual innuendo jokes have worked on some women), feign interest in what a girl says if you have to.


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What Girls Said 7

  • any guy can do that if he has game (the ability to lie and exaggerate) but game doesn't work on all women only women who like to go home with men at the bar. It doesn't make a guy cool he is just playing a game with certain women.
    Im sure your friends can help you more than me, but im telling you it doesn't work on all women so focus on the same group of women as your friends.

  • If you were more confident you could get more girls.

  • Anyone can have one night stands, no matter how ugly they're.
    The question is, why would you? Maybe you're actually not the type and they can sense that about you.

  • confidence and a good sense of humor should do the trick.

  • Maybe its not something you would actually like to do, but like to imagine doing coz your friends do it

  • Be confident and put yourself out there more
    If you're looking just to sleep with slutty girls then confidence is the most important thing

  • I've seen bat shit ugly guys take girls home. It's all about the confidence factor, not being hot


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