Should I be the one aggressive now?

In the beginning this guy was really trying to get with me... Long story short... this guy has issues and has been avoiding me. I confronted him about & everything & he said he wants to be friends for now for reasons he's dealing with. Now, I'm an aggressive girl and I always go after what I want. Should I give him space or just make a move? Or wait till later to do it after he's had some time? Opinions?


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  • Act as if you're aren't concerned with him at all... Back off, go out, date and always avoid talking about him to anyone... That'll keep him from hearing any gossip or concerns you've expressed.

    The girls that don't care are the girls that make men crazy for them.


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  • Depends on if you wanna know what's up so you can move on if he's not interested or if you want to wait and wait and wait just in case he's intereted. I'd just tell him what you want he wants the same or he doesn't then you've got the info you need to make a decision. If you " wait" you're just wasting time on a maybe and I don't know what the point of that is? Esp if you're usually assertive. Waiting would be going gaiant your nature like stifling yourself for a guy that's not a good start to relstiomship in case it does turn into something


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  • better give space... so u can calm down both i guess :-)


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