Anyway to make someone regret putting you on back burner?

Things were going great and she suddently put brakes on. She disappeared for 9 days and text me to apologize for being sick and busy which is the lame excuse everyone uses. I ignored her and she text me again telling me her plans on the weekend (without inviting me) and asked what I have planned for the weekend. I didn't respond to her because I think she is only looking for ego stroke.

Is ignoring her the only way to get her chasing? Anything I can do to get back to where we were?


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  • she'll chase u... only if she';s interested as well then ;-)

    • ignoring is the best policy then? What would you count as "chase" like she actually invite me to things? or when she pick up that phone to call?

    • both of those 2 :-)

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  • Just live your life and don't worry about them.


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