Need tinder help?

So I just started using tinder a couple days ago and I did something stupid. I finally got matched with a girl who I was EXTREMELY attracted to and she sent me a moment as a first message (a picture of herself saying new haircut :). I had no idea that moments is like snapchat and just thought tinder was telling me she posted a new pic in her profile (I know stupid me). I sent her a random opening message, but got no reply since it was so out of context with her moment (I thought I was the one initiating the convo). Any way I could salvage this? I was thinking of sending something stupid/funny like "this is classic us, me talking and you ignoring me. #classicderpandderpetemoments". Do you think it would work?
aaaaaand I just completely scewed it up. I accidentally liked her moment after like 4 hours of my last message. Wtf is wrong with me, why can't I be smooth for once


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  • Nope your screwed dude, don't worry there are a ton of hot girls on tinder

    • yea but I'm average looking so I only get matched with gross girls (I like all girls since it's faster and I can screen later).

    • Ya maybe try and change yourself, workout get a haircut I don't know you'll find the right girl. Don't worry about it

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