We went on a date Thursday night, it's now Sunday arvo... and he hasn't texted... is he not going to?

Am i not going to hear from him again?

It's been nearly 3 days since our date and I haven't herd from him..

He hasn't texted... and he's still active on the online dating app... So can I assume he wasn't impressed by me

Was this a bad date? He also never asked what I was doing on the weekend.
I just went on a date with a guy I met online... I think I stuffed my chances of seeing him again... I got nervous and said all theses ridiculous things including:
- "I think I have ADD cos I have trouble sitting through a movie."
- "I always get into trouble at work cos I talk too much and dance."
"this manager at work hates me cos he caught me singing once."
- "I am bored of my job..."

like he laughed but had a look on his face like he thought I was crazy.. Is he not into me? He did tell me I had a cute smile...

Did my nervous rambling scare him off

He knows two people that work with me.. And I made myself sound like a clown... Do u think he thought I would be an embarrassment to him if we got involved? Will I never hear from him? Or is it too soon to panic? Perhaps he will wait until next week?


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  • To tell you the truth probably you did. Hmm I can be wrong. Maybe you should wait and see if he text you again but for now you are single enjoy yourself girl.


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  • Just wait. If not in a week he's not interested.

  • He won't text you back. If he didn't text you the next day then he isn't into you.


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