Guys and Girls which date sounds better on a second date?

Be honest and Creative :)
  • Dinner and Movie
    Vote A
  • Clubbing/hoping for Drinks
    Vote B
  • A picnic or a day at the park
    Vote C
  • Fair/Carnival/Comic-Con
    Vote D
  • A double date with friends
    Vote E
  • Going to a Game
    Vote F
  • other.. your own unique date
    Vote G
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I love nature, so I had to go with C, but if the guy could think of something fun and creative, he should go for it.


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  • Helicopter ride!!!
    Boat ride!
    Probably only gonna be able to do those things once every few months tho.

  • Whatever you do, don't go clubbing or to a comic convention lol.

    IMHO do one of these: Cook her dinner, go on a hike, go to amusement park, rock climbing, ice skating, beach.

    • lol i had a feeling a muscular guy would prefer an active outgoing date cheers mate

    • I'm always honest brother. Yes, do something fun, active, outgoing. Do something she is interested in, something you don't always do on a weekend.

  • No double dates or movies so early in the dating process. The park sounds like a good option.

  • Movie and dinner for 2nd.
    Its decent, not too much lovely.
    Its your second date... Just enjoy each others company. :)
    All the best!


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