Making out tips and tricks?

My boyfriend tells me I don't use my hands a lot while making out when I think I do. GUYS! Suggestions on things I can do to make the experience more pleasurable?


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  • No lizard/snake tonguing
    No dead fishing in his mouth

    yes, those are things


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  • If you're comfortable, rubbing your hands against his penis threw his pants would be amazing. Running your hands across his chest and body would be good too.

  • Personally, I like a bit of tongue (careful of adding too much if you haven't done tongue before), and just let your hands "do their own thing". Place them in the hair, or on the back, and let them wander.

    • My hands move through his hair, arms, what else?

    • There's not much else I can think of unless you'd be comfortable with grabbing his butt (if he's into it) or even playing with his genitals.
      Don't rush into the whole genital thing if you're not comfortable with more sexual actions.

What Girls Said 1

  • Grab him.. EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE!

    -Through he's hair
    -On he's crotch
    -One arm behind he's neck, the other around he's waist
    -Let your fingers glide through he's hair and pull him closer to you

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