Do girls always text their male best friends plus guys they are interested in like crazy?

And if a girl does not text first often enough, does it mean she doesn't really care about the friendship, she would be indifferent whether the guy chooses to stay as friends or move on? Like she is just being friendly and does not have the heart to push him away?


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  • Well, I have a crush on one boy but I don't text him often cause I don't have anything to say.


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  • Yep no point in completely getting rid of you if she can just not talk to you most of the time. And then still have you when she needs help

    • I never had girls text me like crazy, only once in a while. Does that mean I'm not made to be dating material, much less being married?

    • In my experience with most girls, if you treat them like you would a friend, that's exactly what they'll be. And then they'll also treat you as just a friend.

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  • Not texting at first could be shyness...
    Not texting often enough is up for debate.. She may think she does, you may think she doesn't...
    Once in the friend zone, there is little chance of escaping. So little a chance that they made a reality show about it...

    If a girls wants more, you know..
    If you're not certain, she doesn't want more than you have now.

    Hail Mary---- tell her how you feel, tell her what you want... It could change everything.


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