Help - I don't feel good enough for him?

For some reason I don't feel good enough for the guy I'm seeing, I think it has to do with my past and comparing myself to him. He is very outgoing, knows almost everyone and he is really gorgeous. His ex girlfriends, all of them has been the best looking girls! I don't doubt my looks I just doubt who I am, most of them were wealthy and had tons of friends just like him but I don't have that many friends and I just have my mother and a wealthy absent father. I'm eighteen and live with my mother so far, it's not that big and super nice that's why I feel scared about inviting him over like if he sees how I live then maybe he will find someone better with two loving parents. I know that a person who loves you won't care but it's too early for that since we just started seeing each other but he wants to come over. I don't doubt that he likes me because he does a lot but I feel so boring compared to him and his ex girlfriends sometimes, so much that I feel like pulling out! How do I go on? I don't want to feel this way.


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