Keeping calm in the beginning?

I've recently started dating this guy... I mean a few weeks... my rational brain is telling me be cool and Collected. Don't panic or stress etc. And crazy brain is telling me that because he hasn't messaged me yet today (it's only 12:15) means he obviously met someone else last night after we went out. Haha oh crazy brain. Of course, I'm not letting him see crazy brain. Anyone have tips for keeping cool in these kind of uncertain beginning stages.


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  • Basically don't put all your eggs in one basket. By that I do not mean play the field, but I mean try to keep a healthy balance in your life where you have other things going on as well.

    The more you invest in someone, the more you stand to lose. On the other hand, the more you stand to gain as well.

    But since it's an investment, there is no need to be rash.


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  • keep your options open that way if he IS seeing or talking to someone else you won't care too much. hope for the best expect the worst.


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