Techniques For Smooth Conversation?

I think i'm not the only one struggling to achieve this skill. So please, experts out there, help me out.

So right now my situation is, i asked out this gorgeous looking girl on a date (peer pressure might have involved) and she said yes and the date is next weekend. She said she wants to go to her favourite cafe in a shopping centre near our school.

I've had multiple dates before. Most dates however i already knew a lot about the other person. Problem now is, i only know her face and name and that's it. This is the first time going on a date with someone i barely know. We go to same school but never talked. I know people might say "Ask her questions, what movie does she like, what's her hobby, whats her favourite movie etc. etc." Yes i know finding common interest is important especially on the first date. But i dont want her to feel like im interrogating her. I mean fucking facebook does that shit to you all the time and i personally find it really fucking annoying just being asked generic questions like that question after question.

So let's say i do ask little bit of those generic questions in between conversations depending on the situation and where the conversation is going. But how do you fill the gap? how do you restart conversation in an awkward silence? and most importantly how do you start a date?

(obviously im really young and inexpericed so for those who are more experienced, you can laugh all you want but please give me some advice)


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  • The interigation technique works but instead of just question after question, incorporate your own opinions and stories (preferably humorous ones) in response to her answers.
    Best of luck man.


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  • The trick is to make the first date an activity that requires some focus. Choose something you think is fun to do and take her there, you'll both be somewhat focused on the task, so there isn't as much stress in talking. The coffee or dinner dates are always awkward because no one (hopefully) is capable of talking the entire time.


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