Help me reply to this guy?

I last said: ugh I can't handle any more studying tonight, want to distract me ;)
he said: I have people over right now
but maybe later

what should I reply? Or should I reply nothing?
I don't want to see him if it's too late though- I have an early morning tomorrow

Normally I wouldn't post a question so trivial but its a quiet night here and I'm a bit bored. And also I'm curious to what other people would reply :)


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  • Don't even bother replying. Why do women always think they need to "reply". It is like you all want to be doormats begging for our (men's) forgiveness or approval. Stand up and live your own life. You are worried about his telling you he can't come over as if he either insulted you or you need to reply back... it is pathetic. Don't be pathetic.

    • I wasn't insulted or worried about it- he's busy?
      Was just curious to what other people would reply

    • never do the things that make you cater to a man in a way that isn't in response to his putting himself out first. That is how you reward and train him and establish some of your value

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  • First, can you describe your relationship with this guy. Is he strictly a a good guy friend, friend you're hoping to be something a little more, or your boyfriend?

    • I guess we're seeing each other
      He's not my boyfriend but he's more than a friend and I don't know what we might be
      I like him and am attracted to him heaps

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    • Okay I took your advice, sounds reasonable :)

    • Okay thanks :)

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  • Ask him what you should wear to his place...

    This can be made to seem sexual or innocent. He could say "nothing" "as little as possible" or "a coat, it's cold" "uhhhhhh clothes"... Based on his response, proceed.

  • suck his dick

    • lol that's not a reply- and I would have if I saw him anyway

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