Awkward second date! What to do or say?

Just had the most awkward date (i think) ever. It was with a guy i met online. I met him 2 weeks ago, we were both rather shy, but had a long walk and talked. I've been texting him everyday after that, he mostly initiates. He asked if I would want to see a movie today. Waiting for tickets was fine. Then watching the movie, it was really cold, as in due to air conditioning (its very warm outside). And we barely did anything during the movie and afterwards he said his neck hurt and I was frozen stiff and couldn't even talk. We just walked around a bit and then he headed for the door and asked if I was leaving. I just said yes as it was getting extremely awkward, said bye n just left. 10 mins later I thanked him for the movie as he paid. He just replied with a smiley. Now I'm not sure what to do or think.


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  • Relax... Text him and say.. "Well that was somewhat awkward, right?" Explain how you feel... Ask him how he felt about it and laugh it off before your next date.
    You're blaming yourself and he's blaming himself... Neither will address the awkwardness.

    Nerves happen and man/woman... Whatever, we all have them and sometimes they get the best of us.

    You'll be fine next time and take a sweater!

    • Thanks, I really didn't feel like discussing the day but managed to have a pretty normal texting conversation to wish him good night

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