Is it worth it to tell him how I feel? or is better just to move on and delete him?

I was dating this guy on and off for some time. However, he told me he did not want to go any further with me. I accepted that and decided to be friends with him. When I hangout with him I do not flirt with him or anything. But for some reason he has the need to constantly make things all about him. We went for a run and I wore spandex because that is what I find comfortable running. He thought I was trying to impress him... so then he went off on a tangent about the gorgeous women that he has been hitting on and the cuties that he met on his recent trip. I dont care!!! but the fact that he keeps on bringing up other women in every conversation is tiring.

Recently I made the mistake of taking him out with some of my other friends. We went to a bar. My old guy friend came and he brought two guy friends of his and I brought (lets call him Mark). The evening was going well. Until my old guy friend asked how Mark and I met (We met online dating but we didn't want to disclose that so we went around the topic). After Mark kept on bringing up gorgeous women he has encountered, women he felt up at a work party, ex girlfriend and so on. He even had a long conversation with the waitress who served us.

I dont want to ever date Mark again but when my old friends guys were sitting across the table and staring at disbelief in what he was saying I felt almost humiliated. I know were not dating or anything but I thought he would have some class. My old guy friend or his buddies did not bring up any girl tales. I just dont know why he feels the need to constantly bring up other girls. I dont care but I am at a tipping point with him.

Should I tell him whats been bothering me? Or would he take it as if I still like him? Or should I just forget him?


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