Should I date him?

i have this friend that I've had a crush on and I found out he likes me back and is planning to ask me out soon. my friend (who is sometimes a real bitch to me about nothing) likes him too and they're close friends. should i date him or would I be hurting her even though she's always talking about me behind my back


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  • if u consider yer friend a biatch... then yeah... do it, y spend yer life by being friends with her? 8)


What Girls Said 1

  • 1 is she actually a friend or just a bitch? 2 did you like him first? 3 does she know you like him and he likes you?

    • she's my friend but she's always mad at me for som

    • she is my friend but is always mad at me for something. i don't know who liked him first and she knows he likes me but she doesn't know I like him

    • If she doesn't know you like him I definitely think you should talk with her about it first but if you really want to date him, you shouldn't ask her permission, you should just tell her. Be like "I like him, I want to date him, and I hope that doesn't bother you or ruin our friendship but when he asks im going to say yes" or something like that.

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