Guys, Is he serious about me?

About a year ago a dated a guy I liked. We went on about 4 dates then we had sex and I never heard from him again. 6 months later he comes to my work asking for me and if I'd like to see him again, I said maybe but never took contact. A week ago we met at a bar and started chatting and spent the night at his place. I like this guy but I'm not sure about him because he bailed on me once before, I think he likes me because of the following:
He took me to his rugby game and kissed and hugged me openly in front of his team

I met his parents and he said they liked me

He took me to meet his friends at a bbq and he said they liked me and thought I was beautiful.

He said he regretted bailing on me.

I just want a male opinion, is he serious this time because he did none of these things when I dated him the first time


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  • sounds like yeah... meeting his parents... and regretting r good signs in my opinion 8)

  • Maybe, but unless he says something to you about it then I wouldn't over think it.


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