We broke up due to issues out of our control, the relationship never fully got off the ground, is it wrong to look at this a missed opportunity?

So I was with this girl around four months until a string of other issues in our separate lives caused a big stur between us, eventually we broke up in a big fight but afterward we both realised it was a huge mistake, this was genuine, and since both agreed if the time is right we can give it another go, give it the life it should of had first time round.

Is it wrong to feel bad about this, think over the what things may of been?


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  • You move on and bear in mind it didn't work coz it's not meant to be. Why settle? Don't allow yourself to be just an option. Never run or even look back to what broke you :)


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  • not wrong... but don;'t look back bro and think.. "wot if i did this, that, etc" 8)


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