Potentially seeing this girl after a long absence , not sure what to say?

i had seen a lot of her last summer but haven't seen her for several months. she had worked at this restaurant last summer and i had meet her at a bar she went to. we got along great for a little while then things went sour and she got all annoyed at me and i haven't seen her since. i don't really know if she still works at the restaurant or not but i know her family still has a cottage nearby and being its a holiday weekend here is a good chance she is around and be at same bar i meet her at before. so i'm trying to get an idea in mind for what to say to her if i see her? admit i might not even see her but feel is a good chance i might and i still want to be friends with her and like her so feel is a chance to re connect if we do run into each other


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  • yup...

    suggestn her goin out for a pizza amybe? ;-)


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