Why do guys that cheat and manipulated get rewarded with sex, but guys that don't get rejected and spat on?

Seriously, that's what it seems like, why? Why can a guy openly admit he has a girlfriend and get a "nice girl" to sleep with him, but I can't get attention to begin with simply because I've never had a girlfriend, what the fuck is wrong with people? At this point I do shit that might kill me for attention! Honestly, should I just become an outward douche, because I already know I'm filled with rage and hatred anyway. You see, my plan is to either get laid or make some girl feel just like I do, like shit, though I'd do both. I wanna be manipulative and cruel, so everyone, or at least one person I don't care about, feels as miserable and broken as me, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! COME ON, HOW DO I DO IT, HUH? I know I know how to manipulate people, the issue is that I'm too impulsive to pull it off, how do I?


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  • first off a nice girl as u say would not sleep with a guy in a relationship.. and if they do they r not as u say nice girls.. i say a gal with morals will not ever do that.. so instead of looking at that/look for a moral respectful fun interesting smart gal and they r out here if u truly seek them

    • HAHAHAHAHA, so I can what, be rejected for not being mister cool and ultra confident? For not looking like a model? For not being white? What a joke! Believe me, the only thing that could help me here is death.

    • sorry u feel that way.. but its ur choice to feel like that

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  • let me try and answer this.
    guys who 'cheat and manipulate' can get girls. they know what girls want and have those things themselves. because they can get girls easily. they see less value in each individual and start underappreciating girls. a lot of guys who are nice simply don't know how to spark attraction with girls, therefore they get overlooked despite their good intentions.


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  • You have to just not give a shit and look at them as a nobody. You would be amazed at what lack of feelings can do.

    • Well, I can't do that, see, while I don't feel love, I do feel hatred, and I don't know how to get rid of it.

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    • But, I don't want a relationship anymore, I just want someone to feel as broken as I do, then somebody will finally understand me! That's my plan! :) also, you've still had a boyfriend, still aren't a virgin, and are a girl, well, woman, so don't really understand my view.

    • Believe, some of us have been there. You don't have to have a relationship to have sex. Just get there, but I'm sure after you have sex, you will want to keep having it. Just don't turn into a whore. Have some motivation for crying out loud! Go out there and try at least! No one is perfect at first, it takes practice.

  • That's not always the case.


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