Do you think this quote, statement makes sense that women are truly the ones in charge, not men, in dating and relationships?

People always argue and say that since the guy makes the first move, does the approaching and asking out, is the initiator, takes the lead, etc. That means he is the one in charge, in control, but i got this quote, statement from a woman who is a matchmaker, dating coach, and yes she is like 99% of women who adamantly, stubbornly insist that the man be the initiator, primary pursuer, approaching and asking out, but she says this quote:

"All the decisions and power lies where the woman sets the boundaries by saying “yes” or “no” to things. It’s the woman that sets the pace, sets the parameters, and dictates how she will be treated and looked at by the man (for instance, are you a casual play-thing or relationship/girlfriend material?) This is all up to the woman, and the woman has the most control via means of her “influence.” A misconception is to view it the other way. The core of power does not come from the one who is initiating (the man)."

Do you agree or disagree with what she said? i want to agree with her, because after all, if things don't go past the first or second date, it's usually because the girl, not the guy, that ended up losing interest, lost attraction, thats not to say it can happen in which the man loses interest, attraction, i'm sure it does happen that way occasionally but more often than not i feel it's because the woman, not the man, that ended up losing interest.
How come i didn't get more female responses to this question? do girls just not want to blatantly the admit the power they really have?


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  • i would say she nails it very well

  • If a woman wants to stay in her ivory tower and assume all the power, fine, but I think you only get to love someone by letting yourself down from there and having the courage to be vulnerable with him. Share the power, and be happier for it.

  • i dont agree at all.

    • so you think the man is the one in charge then? if so how come?

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  • Haha... Ok...

    It's not a game so much as it is a strategy.. Women think they control the pace, the mood, the moment... But they don't... Neither do men... It's a joint venture... Men want sex at first. Can that be used to manipulate or sway a man? Sure, for now...

    After sex, what now?
    I may be able to concede that we are initially at a disadvantage, but we absolutely have he upper hand from the moment after sex until she has a baby. Lol
    Especially once we are mature enough to reason and explore other options.. We realize there's a whole world full of women of different colors, sizes and shapes. Living, sexual candy... Sure she can come to the same realization, but men are sexually motivated every minute of every day... That kinda gets us moving and making things happen.

    Having said that,
    This is the reason I firmly believe in waitin til 30 to get serious about anyone... I can see how ridiculous my perceptions were when I was 25... I see why, and I have altered my perception of men, women and relationships in general.

    The great thing about growing up,...
    Who cares about control? Having the upper hand and manipulating your boyfriend isn't something you should be proud of.

  • I think women rule the relationships.

    "Happy wife, Happy life."

  • Yawn, old news

  • i wholeheartedly agree with you

    • i guess women don't want to admit the truth or the real power that they have

    • i guess thats why there are not many girl responses to this question

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