Women do you enjoy the "accept or decline" stranglehold power you have in dating? (If the question is too touchy for you, I'll understand lol)?

MY DISCLAIMER : Answer the question. (if I wanted to hear something that doesn't DIRECTLY apply to the question, I would just ask ) Don't go into nothing else or your answer will be disregarded

Do you enjoy that power? Do you love the fact that's just the way it is?


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  • Women do you enjoy the "accept or decline" stranglehold power you have in dating?
    Yes just as I imagine most guys enjoy the accept or decline stranglehold power they have in dating. I think most people enjoy the power they have to accept or decline choices for a romantic/sexual partner as it expresses autonomy and freedom.

    • If I wanted to know what power guys have I would've asked... Man why are some people so dumb and can't answer correctly?

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    • Guys have no accept or decline power.

    • Dude I've run into this girl on here before, and if all girls were like her, I'd legitimately go gay. Just ignore her she has the you're always wrong, I'm always right mindset. earlier she got mad at another girl Becuase that girl thought guys and girls should be equal.

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  • exactly, this quote says it all:

    "All the decisions and power lies where the woman sets the boundaries by saying “yes” or “no” to things. It’s the woman that sets the pace, sets the parameters, and dictates how she will be treated and looked at by the man (for instance, are you a casual play-thing or relationship/girlfriend material?) This is all up to the woman, and the woman has the most control via means of her “influence.” A misconception is to view it the other way. The core of power does not come from the one who is initiating (the man)."


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  • I don't enjoy it. I hate hurting people's feelings so its hard for me. I can read the disappointment on their face and then I feel bad.

    • Why when guys are biologically expected and socially demanded to handle rejection well?

  • I disagree that women have stranglehold power in dating.

    • And why is that? A woman 99.9% of the time, accepts or declines a guys advances.

  • I like things the way they are.


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  • "Don't go into nothing else" that's a pretty high expectation of women on this site.


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