Guy asks you to be his date to fancy dinner? What does it mean?

I have liked this guy for awhike and he is older than me by a lot and is a family friends son. And previously he told me he felt like he was to old for me. But he invited me to a fancy diner with all the people he works with and we had a great time but he never kissed me when he dropped me off home but said he had a great time too. I can't figure out whether he asked me bacause he liked me or because he had no one else to go. Granted he wasn't gunna go untill he asked me. and he was very a atentive to me a slow danced with me. so do guys bring judt any female friends to these things?


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  • did he have any other alternatives besides u?

    • Well he originally wasn't gunna go he was gunna go to a fam party till he saw me and asked me. And we went to the fam party afterwards. So I'm not sure if he even bothered to ask anyone else.

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    • that's good then :-)

    • thanks

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  • Maybe he just wanted a hot girl on his side or he likes you


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  • I think he had no one else to go with. He likes you, but he feels you two are a bit incompatible. You never mentioned what he introduced you as by the way. When some of his friends inquired as to who you were, what did he say?

    • He introduced me as his date and I didn't hear anyone inquire so I don't know..

    • And he had no problem telling anyone how old I was either which I thought he would be hesitant about.

    • Sounds like he's into you to me then.

  • He likes you!


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