Is he the type to settle down with?

I have been seeing this guy for almost 5 months. He's really nice an I must say he try his endeavour best to tell me everything. He when to new York on a business trip along with his assistant. We we're texting in the night an he said he's going to tell me something but I must not be upset or feel bad. He told me he had to share room with his assistant because of some complication with the rooms. I was up set but I let it pass. Now he's on a business trip again with both his assistants and they had a successful day which they were celebrating. Nothing was wrong worng with that but the thing was that they were celebrating in his hotel room an both assistant drunk an they were hardly wearing clothes. Now what should I do?


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  • He isn't not loyal, you should dump him and find a guy that will respect your relationship

    • Thanks I thats what I have in mind

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  • Wow. I would tell him you don't feel comfortable with this. If you and him get really serious, it could cause problems with him and his assistnant as she may get jealous. Or you may get jealous of her later down the line. Either way I can understand them being close because they're always together but there are certain lines you do not cross- gettjng naked or lack of clothes is one of them. I like his honesty, that's commendable, but his relationship with her is questionable.

    • Yes his honesty is good. An for sure I question his relationship with his assistant. He should have never let that happen an that is causing a big problem right now.

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  • What industry does he work in, is he self employed? That's a big HR issue your relationship aside.

    Let me guess he is older?

    Either way no good.

  • You should dump him!


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