Have I been rejected?

I met a great guy that ended an 8year relationship which started in high school a few months ago. His brother set us up and we had a pretty good date, which surprised both of us since we're shy people. We even met up the next day. After that he told me he wasn't ready for anything because of the break up, which I understood and said we could be friends instead, no pressure. Things seemed fine after that, but he hasn't responded or messaged me for a while. I know he found me attractive, and our personalities seemed to match, so what happened? Why would he just disappear?
I texted him twice a few days apart and he didn't respond so I asked if everything was ok and I told him I worry about people and he never responded. That was 2 weeks ago


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  • Welcome to my world. Pretty much same thing happened and is happening to me (have a good time when we're together and she said she wasn't ready for a relationship and she doesn't response to my texts sometimes). She is a very busy person, but there isn't a reason for her to just simply ignore the texts. In your case, he might just need time to think and move past his 8 YEAR relationship. 8 years is a looong time, Miss. Give it time, maybe. See what he does and if he doesn't do anything, try to talk to him in person


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  • Possibly. He could be busy. Have you sent him any message?


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  • when he send last message then? :-)


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